Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statement

In Oakwell Distribution (S) Pte Ltd we are committed to protect our environment and to safeguard the safety, health & welfare of our employees and any other affected parties.

We will strictly comply with all current applicable occupational health, safety & environment legislative requirements, other occupational health, safety & environment requirements or standards the organisation subscribes and to adopt any acceptable industry practices.

We will strive for continual improvement in the areas of occupational health, safety & environment for all our work processes and undertakings and will work towards an accident free work environment.

Together with our contractors, business associates and stakeholders, we will endeavour to eliminate or reduce our impact to the environment and our operational risks to the lowest possible.

At all levels in the organisation, everyone has a part to play. Every individual contributes in the prevention of incident or accident by identifying the hazards & managing the risks they created. We advocate staff engagement in OHSE programs & activities and acquiring safety & health competency through relevant trainings.

In order to effectively drive the policy, all employees, contractors and stakeholders have to be familiar with this policy and it shall be reviewed periodically for relevancy & suitability. We believe by getting involved, taking ownership and responsibility in OHSE, we can together create a safe workplace, a healthy community and a better environment for all to live and work in.