Our Business

Distribution Business

We seek to provide immediate availability of high quality products and services through our various business units:

  • Electrical & Electronic (EED)
    EED focuses in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Telecommunication and Container Port Industries. The key products include: cables, electrical bulk material, navigation aids and solar cells, heat tracing, telecommunication equipment, heavy duty festoon, slip ring and others.
  • Mechanical (MED)
    MED services end users, contractors and OEMs in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Refining, Chemical and Utility Industries. The key products include: valves, pumps, compressors, blowers, pressure vessels, chemical air filters, process equipment packages and others.
  • Marine (MND)
    MND answers to the growing opportunities in the Marine industry. The key products include: marine shipboard cables, copper nickel pipes, marine navigational lights, marine integrated automation system, conditioning monitoring system, multi cable transit, offshore & onshore material handling equipment and others.
  • China Business Unit (CBU)
    CBU is set up with the objective to venture into China market. We believe in creating values to service both foreign and local companies that are based in China. Our China head office is in Shanghai and we have engineers stationed in Guangzhou, Dalian, Beijing, Kunming, Tainjin, Shanghai, Yantai and Nantong.

Design and Fabrication Business

  • Fire Protection & Safety (FPS)

    Regionally recognized as one of the leading fire protection and safety specialist, we specialize in the design and supply of fire protection systems.

    FPS focuses on fire protection solutions for the:
    1. Off-shore Fixed Production Platforms
    2. Offshore Floating Production Units
    3. Petrochemical Plants
    4. Onshore Oil and Gas Production plants
    5. Marine/Ship Industry, and
    6. Power Plants