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ANALEX fdMplus


Kittiwake developed this fdMplus by in co-operation with Shell Marine Lubes.

The fdMplus implements a skill set in sensitive magnetometry, in a design suitable for On-Site applications. Sensitive to very low ferrous contaminations levels (<1 micron) and reports directly in ppm for comparison with laboratory test results.

Suitable for use on 50 ml or 5 ml oil and pre-prepared grease samples. Test time typically <10 seconds per sample.


ANALEX fdMplus is a highly accurate yet rugged magnetometer designed to measure un-combined ferrous wear metal particle debris in oil or grease samples taken from a variety of types of machinery and provides a trendable parts per million (PPM) result.

ANALEX fdMplus utilises a novel sample adaptor system to measure metal particles from the sample media like; 50 ml Bottle, 10 ml Syringe, 5 ml Syringe, 5 ml Test Tube or Grease ThiefTM & 5 ml Grease Pots. Suitable for use across a wide range of industrial & marine applications.


Detection Range:50 ml Bottle 0 - 2500 ppm
10 ml Syringe 0 - 19000 ppm
5 ml Syringe 0 - 34000
5 ml Tube 0 - 28000 ppm
5 ml Grease Pot 0 - 8000 ppm
Fluid Compatibility:Lubes & Greases; can also be used as quantification of Fe contamination in QC samples
Sample Size:50 ml Sample Bottles, 10 ml Syringes, 5 ml Syringes & Test Tubes, 5 ml Grease Pots
Test Time:< 1 minute to stabilise from power on < 15 seconds per sample
Operating Temp:15°C - 40°C (60°F - 104°F)
Weight:4.22 kg
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